About the Institute for Fraud Prevention

Mission Statement

The Institute for Fraud Prevention (IFP) is an industry-university cooperative research center dedicated to multidisciplinary research, detection, and deterrence of fraud and corruption, hosted at West Virginia University. The IFP’s primary goal is to improve the ability of business and government to combat these crimes and to share research on effective methods of recognizing and deterring them. The IFP draws on the talents and resources of domestic and international universities, as well as top experts from around the world to shed light on the root causes of fraud, the methods by which it is committed and the scope of its damages.

As the only university-affiliated research center in the U.S. dedicated specifically to research on fraud and corruption, The IFP works to:

  • Support cutting-edge research that is focused on generating practical benefits for the anti-fraud profession.
  • Fund anti-fraud research studies. The IFP has funded more than 50 studies to date, and its research portfolio continues to grow.
  • Provide a central location for top researchers to collaborate with leading anti-fraud practitioners and government agencies to share knowledge, generate new ideas, and contribute to the fight against fraud and corruption.
  • Offer anti-fraud professionals the opportunity to give back to the community at large by sharing their expertise and expanding the body of anti-fraud knowledge.
  • Fill a critical gap in the fight against fraud, producing forward-looking research studies that will lead to more efficient and effective anti-fraud strategies for businesses and governments.
  • Assemble unprecedented collections of fraud data, which it makes available to support defined research studies approved by Contributing Members.

The IFP and West Virginia University

The IFP has partnered with and been housed at West Virginia University (WVU) since 2008. In that time, the university has provided support to the IFP’s mission as part of its continued initiative to lead the way for academic research in the anti-fraud profession.