Institute for Fraud Prevention

The Institute for Fraud Prevention (IFP) is dedicated to multidisciplinary research, education and prevention of fraud and corruption. The IFP’s primary goal is to improve the ability of business and government to combat these crimes and to educate the general public on effective methods of recognizing and deterring them. The IFP draws on the talents and resources of domestic and international universities, as well as top experts from around the world to shed light on the root causes of fraud, the methods by which it is committed and the scope of its damages. The IFP functions as a central repository of fraud-related knowledge; actively disseminates its key findings; and serves as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas among those with an interest in deterrence, detection, prevention and punishment of fraud and corruption.

Fall 2015 Meeting

The Fall 2015 IFP Meeting will be held November 5-6, 2015. Get more details and register online